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Tourism is an important economic factor for any country because this is one of the good sources of income for the economy. In other places, tourism is even one of the biggest contributors to the state or county’s overall income. This year, Collier County experienced significant growth in tourism income due to the increased number of visitors and vacationers in the county. According to the Research Data Services Inc. based in Tampa, Florida, visitors in Collier County increased 2.7% in July compared to last year’s number of visitors for the same month, and that is summing up to a total of 112,900 visitors. Most of the visitors stayed in vacation hotels and resorts.

With the great numbers of visitors for the month of July, the county gained more than

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Okay, the house down the street has sold, the one on the next block, and the one that went up on the market three days ago just sold.  Why is yours not?  There are many reasons that your home may not be selling like other homes in the area, and it may be that you are your own worst enemy (definitely where a real estate agent can help!).  There are reasons that may prevent your home from selling which may be an oversight of yours, so let’s look at what not do to so that your home sells!

The list of what not to do is definitely to the point, and if, when reading, you discover that it is something you are doing, than stop!

First, look at the selling price of your home.  Do you have it priced at fair market value?  If you’ve priced your home too

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Most individuals have a dream of purchasing their own home, but accomplishing that dream isn’t always easy. Lenders often consider a lot of things while going through your application for a loan. Apart from your credit history, they also scrutinize your monthly earnings, expenditure, home value and down payment. Moreover, buyers need to look for lenders who can provide them with easy finance at the cheapest rate possible.

However, buying or trading houses is no more a tiresome work at hand. These days, mortgage brokers have eased up the process of obtaining a suitable mortgage. All that a purchaser needs to do is to get in touch with a mortgage broker, let him know about the requirement of a home, and ask him to seek a suitable lender who would be

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Nearly 90% of home buyers decide to stay in their pajamas and search for homes online – which is a great way to do it. Searching for homes online has a number of different benefits, especially if you know how to work through the system. Below are some tips for starting your home search online, and how to weed out what won't work.


Pick Your Area

If you're looking to relocate further away from where you are now, such as moving to a new state, you'll want to pick not only realtors in that area (more on that later), but you'll want to research the area fully. Find out about property taxes, cultural changes, area schools, and what the neighborhoods are like. Don't just look at house sites – use informational sites like City Data – to help you find

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In today’s housing market, putting effective marketing strategies to work has never been more important. With so many Naples homes available, finding ways to make your home stand out amongst the crowd is essential. Whether selling Naples waterfront homes or Denver condos, implementing these 5 marketing tips will give your home the best chance of getting sold within a reasonable amount of time and at a fair price.

Tip #1: Staging

The first step in successfully marketing a home is staging. Staging involves decorating the home in a way that will be inviting and welcoming to the largest number of potential buyers. When staging a home, you should remove personal items and any other belongings that may prevent the buyer from “seeing” himself living

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home-staging_400Aside from making the necessary repairs and upgrades, staging your home is one of the most important steps you can take toward getting it sold. Whether selling Maryland luxury homes or Naples real estate, this step is critical. With the help of the proper staging techniques, you can turn your house into a home that is warm, welcoming and inviting to potential buyers. By making it easy for buyers to envision themselves living in your house and creating fond memories, you will have won half the battle toward winning over buyers and making a positive, long-lasting impression. Even better, a home can be properly staged at little to know cost. In fact, here is a look at 5 free or inexpensive ways to stage your home.

Clean Up the Clutter

Perhaps the

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Growth and Recession

During times of growth, the economy is chugging along and consumers feel good about what is ahead financially. Because they are confident in their job or the stock market, people spend money. This is noticeable in good times because there are lots of new cars on the road with dealer stickers, restaurants are full, and the real estate business is booming!

Then, for whatever reason, things start to change. A downturn for companies could mean layoffs, and the confidence starts to erode. People begin holding onto their money and the economy starts winding down. Thus begins a recession. During periods of recession, like we are in now, a big thing that lags is home sales, and in some cases, foreclosures and short sales rise as some

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